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Board of Directors

President - Frank Murkowski   (734) 330-5316

Vice-President - Luca Montovano  

Secretary - Anita Bersie-Chabalowski  

Treasurer - Chuck Trewin  

Committee Leaders

Scholarship Chairperson - Bruce Pierce  

Founder's Day Event Chairperson - Luca Montovano  

WAA Leadership Conference in Madison Chairperson - Frank Murkowski  

Young Alumni Chairperson - Dean Wingert  

Webmaster & Facebook Chairperson - Renee Hamilton-Newman  

Curling in Windsor Chairperson - 
Bart Heldke  

Student Send-off 
Chairperson - Chuck Trewin  

Football Game Watch Chairs - Scott & Mary Nigh  

Badger Huddle @ Michigan 
Chairperson - Mark Polster  

Badger Huddle @ Michigan State Chairperson - Bruce Pierce  

Basketball 02-27-20 Wisc @ Mich  Chairperson - Andrea Arndt    

Hockey Wisc @ Mich  
Chairperson - Heather Straw  

Golf Outing 
Chairperson - Adam Englebert  

Community Service Chairperson - Renee Hamilton-Newman  

MCB President, Frank Murkowski, shows off a famous Memorial Union Red Chair, that the MCB Chapter won at the Wisconsin Alumni Association Leadership Conference in Madison, WI in October 2019, in a drawing of exclusive Bascom-level chapters! It will be auctioned off at the 2020 Wisconsin-Michigan Football Huddle in Ann Arbor on 9/26/20. 
On Wisconsin!

Red Chair won at WAA Leadership Conference in Oct 2019 in drawing of Bascom-level chapters. Shown by Frank Murkowski, MCP President.


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2019 Instagram Chairperson Julie Edler-Weinlander Julie Edler-Weinlander 2018-2019 
2019 Basketball Mich v Wisc Game Chair Julie Edler-Weinlander mailto:edler.julie@gmail.com 2018-19 
2018 Young Alumni Chairman Adam Richards arichards987@gmail.com 2017-2018 
2018 WAA Website Chairman Doug Griese arichards987@gmail.com 2012-2018 
2018 New Student Send-off Chair Chuck Trewin ctrewin@mich.com 2018 
2018 MCB Website Admin Renee & Julie Elder Julie Elder  
2018 MCB Google Group Admin Renee Hamilton-Newman motorcitybadgers@gmail.com  
2018 Hockey @ Mich Chair Feb 3 Heather Straw heather.m.straw@gmail.com  
2018 Founder's Day Chair Apr 7 Frank Murkowski & Anita francis.murkowski@gmail.com  
2018 Facebook - MCB Pg Admin Luca & Doug  @MotorCityBadgers [Facebook page]  
2018 Curling Chair Mar 3 Bart Heldke bheldke@yahoo.com  
2018 Community Service Chair Renee Hamilton-Newman renee@dyscalculia.org 2018 
2018 Badger Huddle @Mich Oct 13 Doug Griese badgerdkg@gmail.com  
2017 Tiger's Game Chair Jordon Smoczyk jmsmoczyk@gmail.com  
2017 Leadership Conference Chair Doug Griese badgerdkg@gmail.com  
2017 Game Viewing Chair -Nov-Dec Luca & Doug Doug Griese  
2017 Facebook-MCB Group Admin Luca, Frank, Doug, Bart, Anita, Chuck, Adam Richards, Jordan Smoczyk, Renee MCB Facebook Group  
2017 Community Service Chair Mary Ann Griese magriese@gmail.com  
2017 Board Vice President Frank Murkowski francis.murkowski@gmail.com  
2017 Board Treasurer Chuck Trewin ctrewin@mich.com  
2017 Board Secretary Anita Bersie-Chabalowski abbersie@uwalumni.com  
2017 Board President Doug Griese badgerdkg@gmail.com  
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