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June 1, 2018 Tigers' Game

  Tigers vs. Blue Jays with the Badgers, Friday, June 1, 2018, just $26.50 per ticket. Bring the family!
Join Motor City Badgers 
for a Friday night at the ballpark!

Friday, June 1 @ 7 PM 
Tigers vs. Blue Jays - Play Ball Weekend

Seating in Section:  218
Row 13, Seats 13-22
Row 14, Seats 13-22
Jumbotron: Welcome Motor City Badgers! 

Pregame Meetup @
Bakersfield Taco Bar 

Map  &   Menu  &  Yelp! Reviews

Walking Map to Comerica Park (5 blocks)

Free Parking on John R.

Bakersfield Bar - Detroit - exterior
Bakersfield bar inside
Bakersfield interior seating
Bakersfield Chips and Guacamole
Walking map from Bakersfield to Comerica Park.

We've sold all 20 tickets, but can get more. 

Friends and family welcome!

$26.50 per ticket.
Tigers' Game Event Co-chairs:
Jordan Smoczyk   
Renee Hamilton-Newman 

For tickets, contact, Jordan  Smoczyk  ✉.
Send $26.50 per ticket
via check, PayPal, Gmail, or Venmo 
to Jordan's cell (651) 925-6694 or jmsmoczyk@gmail. 

On Wisconsin! 
Badgers livin' it up in the D!

Hope to see you at the ballpark!

Tigers' Group ticket info.

Tigers' Game Event Co-chairs:
Jordan Smoczyk   
Renee Hamilton-Newman 

Minimum: 20 Tickets
Tigers' Group ticket info.
Group Sales: (313) 471-2255